Environmental Policy

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EPT. is committed to the importance of respecting and causing minimum impact to the environment in which we operate.
Environment management plans are generally prepared by our clients and/or prepared for selected jobs by Extreme Piling Tech. as appropriate.

Our objectives are to:

  • Comply with contractual, statutory and industry requirements.
  • Minimize the chance of environmental incidents, the release of pollution and reducing noise impact through scheduled maintenance of plant and equipment.
  • Minimize waste through efficient material and plant utilization, plus re-use or recycling of material when appropriate.
  • Dispose of waste properly using appropriate equipment, and by means that does not affect the health of employee’s disposing the waste.
  • Have precautionary procedures and equipment in place allowing prompt response in the event of any emergency which could cause adverse environment impacts.
  • Look at continual practicable and cost effective improvement of activities that could impact the environment.
Employees are encouraged to offer suggestions through consultation about how environmental protection measures can be improved. Such suggestions will be assessed by Company management and implemented as appropriate.
This policy applies to Extreme Piling Tech. offices, workshops and sites and to all contractors carrying out work for the company.

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