Rehabilitation Policy

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EPT. is committed to providing occupational rehabilitation for employees who have sustained a work-related injury, illness or disability.
EPT. adopts a managed process of early involvement with appropriate and timely support services based on assessed needs aimed at maintaining injured or ill workers in, or returning them to suitable employment.
Where injury, illness or disability are non-work related, Extreme Piling Tech. will endeavor to rehabilitate those employees, if alternative duties are available. Early intervention with effective rehabilitation should provide physical, psychological and social benefits to employees, whilst minimizing disruption in the work place.

Our objectives in rehabilitation are:

  • To develop and encourage the expectation that it is normal practice, following work related illness, injury or disability, for persons to return to employment as soon as practicable.
  • To manage the safe and early return to meaningful, productive employment at the earliest possible time, consistent with medical opinion.
  • To assist rehabilitees in restoring self-image, reducing stress associated with the disability and re-adjusting to the work environment and society in general.
  • To nominate an employee to oversee the workplace based rehabilitation program.
  • To established a structured rehabilitation program to meet rehabilitees’ needs.
Early and continued personal contact, by managers and supervisors, with injured, disabled or ill employees, is essential for their successful rehabilitation. This policy applies to all the employees of the company.

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