The workshop is located in the Illawarra Region on 3.3 hectares. The facility consists of an existing workshop of 3800sq meters and a new manufacturing plant of 2700sq meters. The new manufacturing plant has created much excitement. It is purpose built to suit the type of business soon to be operational.
Avopiling have created a unique work environment different from your traditional hierarchy approach. This in turn has generated a great deal of ownership and instilled pride, improving drive and enthusiasm with the employees.
At Avopiling, our objective is to provide 100% machine available for our customer base, allowing us to have a high productive rate within a specified time period.
The Avopiling workshop is well equipped to deal with most situations.
We draw upon an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge from our skilled working force. Our technicians are valued assets that have gained practical application through the field service, manufacturing and repair market sectors.
The majority of repairs and field service are carried out by in-house personnel.
R&D Research and Development
A major breakthrough of Avopiling strategy is applying research and development as an integral part of our business in maintaining and improving our competitiveness in the industry. We have highly invested in state of the art computer aid design software to keep ahead of our competition. The design software includes finite analysis and picture quality representation. By using FA design software, we are able to optimize complex designs to a high level. This will enhance our speed of development quality and allow further integration of the design.
The future generation of cutting edge technology that we have introduced, uses object orientated databases, fully associated and utilized parametric dimension driven 3D models.
We believe our know-how technology and innovation to be world class.
Our highly skilled R&D team with the blend of practical application from our technicians and machine operators provide the most productive solutions to any task.
We have found a combined overall team effort makes all the difference.
As R&D gain more experience, system integration takes a further part in automation which elevates the arduous task from our operators.
n conjunction with repairs, we manufacture in-house our own ancillary equipment. This gives us a total flexible approach and enables us to alter a product effectively until we obtain its optimum performance. And only then is the true productivity realized. Once this process has been completed mass production is possible.
Many major breakthroughs have been revealed increasing our productivity two fold. At this point in time we have only concerned ourselves with our own equipment. As the business grows we have the potential to market our products, not only locally but also, on an international level, where we have already been recognized as leaders in our chosen field.
To improve safety awareness and productivity we have embarked upon an extensive training for all employees. This includes:
Technical Standards of all equipment
Competency Standards of all equipment
Procedural Work Practices This gives every employee the opportunity to work in a safe environment. Not just only from technical aspects but competency standards in the correct operation of equipment and procedural work practices.
Our goal is to lead in niche markets by providing productive, cost effective innovative solutions to meet our customer needs. The significant investment made in leading edge technology with quality personnel and a sharp focus on our customer requirements will provide us the competitive advantage. Discover how Avopiling can assist with your investment strategy maximizing your return from the ground floor. Take the advantage now by contacting us.
Call us now for a piling solution – you won’t be bored.


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